Monday, December 15, 2008

Brownie Bites My Ass, Part II

This time I mean it figuratively. He's turning into a little asshole. I baked a bunch of monster bars on Saturday, intending to take a few to each set of neighbors, and the little f-head pulled them off the counter and ate them while I was gone. This was only a few hours after I came home from a quick errand to find that he had pulled wrapping paper off the counter and shredded it in the living room. Then yesterday I came home to find him eating an apple. Brownie used to be our big dumb sweetie that never got into trouble. Now he's this big dumb dickhead that is just as bad as Maggie.

Josh just snapped at me...

I don't mean that he spoke harshly to me. I mean, he literally snapped his fingers at me like I'm the damn beagle. This is the same guy that absentmindedly was scratching me behind the ears one night after he was hugging me. I think he and Maggie would both be happier if it was just the two of them.