Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Where Do These People WORK?

I saw a Chevy SUV with this bumper sticker today:

WTF? I want to know what kind of life and job this guy has. I can't picture someone driving to a power lunch in a car with that sticker.

I bet there aren't a lot of girls lining up for rides. In fact, I bet he hasn't gotten laid since the Clinton administration, and that was because the girl was one of his childhood friends who felt sorry for him after he drunkenly confessed his love for her. Or he roofied her, whatever.

I bet he also is in a bowling league with three other guys with similar bumper stickers. They use terms like "rack" and "cans" and drink tall boys of PBR. The talk about the chick they did last weekend, but none of them suspect that they're all talking about the twenty minute session they had with the internet and some kleenex.


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