Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Actual Quote From a Wednesday Night

Joanna and I went out for a couple beers tonight after a horrible volunteering experience. All we were trying to do was give out fliers showing the items that a flooded women's and children's center needed. You would've thought we were asking them for a body part or beer money. One of our new favorite local musicians, Chris Miller, was playing at a townie-ish bar, so we decided to check that out after two hours of dirty looks from Lowe's customers.

The bar had cleared out so he asked if we had any requests. I asked him to do "Sober" by Tool, which he has done every other time we've seen him.

Chris Miller: "Really? My throat kind of hurts."
Me: "Are you going to cry actual tears?"
Chris Miller: "This chick is going to get punched in the face."
Me: "You can't hit GIRLS."
Chris Miller: "You're wearing glasses AND you're a girl. It's like a double negative. I can totally hit you."



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