Friday, January 11, 2008

Why "Maggie" Was a Bad Choice

(Not the dog, just the name)

For some reason, people can't keep our names straight. It's not like we named her Holly. This shouldn't be so freakin' hard.

1 - "Is Molly fixed?"
That was from one of Josh's dingy coworkers. I explained that I wasn't fixed, but that I'm on the pill.

2 - "Do you let Molly sleep in bed with you?"
I can't remember who asked Josh this question. His answer was no until he realized they were talking about the beagle.

3 - I swear I'm not making this one up. I'm not that creative. This is an email we got from the place in Fairfield that had Brownie. The strange thing is that she gets my name right at first, but then it all goes to hell.
I also swear that I did NOT poop in the living room.

Dear Josh & Molly,
We just received your absolutely adorable Xmas photo of Brownie and Molly together and the extremely generous Xmas gift to our shelter which is greatly and deeply appreciated. Thank you so both so much!!! We had to do a major rennovation on our dog kennels this fall to the tune of $5,000 so this definitely comes at a good time and will go towards that project. Brownie and Molly look so much a like, I didn't remember that from your visit, only I remember that one of them pooped in the living room!! Thank you so much for adopting him and giving him such a wonderful life. It makes me so happy to hear from you.


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