Friday, November 21, 2008

People Still Mosh? Seriously?

We went to the Nine Inch Nails concert a few weeks ago. The show itself kicked all kinds of ass, but the audience was filled with douchebags, meatheads, stoners (the mean ones, not the happy ones that just want to see how your cheek tastes) and white trash. We were within 20 feet of the stage, which was awesome. Trent and I totally had a moment. He SO wants to do me.

Anyway, about halfway into the show, the f'ers right in front of us started pushing each other and I knew trouble was afoot. I yelled at one when he kept knocking into me, but he didn't stop. So... I threw my beer on him. It was probably about 3/4 full. He turned around and started shouting, but I just shrugged and said, "Sorry, your stupid friend pushed me."

The vibe was quickly turning nasty, so Josh and I left our prime spot and moved toward the back. There were more stupid f'ers in a full blown mosh pit. It was a bunch of sweaty shirtless assholes that were oozing testosterone. Apparently there is no honor in moshing anymore, either. Back in the 90s, when it was still cool, the stupid moshers at least made sure that no one got seriously hurt. These dumb f's were trampling each other when one would fall, and pulling non-moshers in to beat up on them.

Just for fun, I looked up "moshing" on wikipedia and found an awesome quote from Billy Corgan at a Smashing Pumpkins show in the 90s:
"I just want to say one thing to you, you young, college lughead-types. I've been watchin' people like you sluggin' around other people for seven years. And you know what? It's the same shit. I wish you'd understand that in an environment like this, and in a setting like this, it's fairly inappropriate and unfair to the rest of the people around you. I, and we, publicly take a stand against moshing!"

Billy and I had a public falling out at the last show, after he showed enormous contempt for his fans by first launching into a 20 minute Pink Floyd-esque stoner jam session, then telling all of us not to vote, then yelling "Heavy Metal Sheep" over and over, and then doing an "encore" of a stupid version of "In the Summertime" that included an accordian and kazoos. It was f'ing bullshit. That quote redeems him at least a little bit, I suppose.


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