Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Irony: Defined at Last

For Christmas, I bought Josh a book called How to Live With Your Neurotic Dog. It was cute, tongue-in-cheek, and easy to read. He's not a big reader, so I thought it would be something he could actually get into. I think he got about halfway through it. Before I got a chance to read more than a few pages, we underestimated our dogs.
We've been hiding magazines from them since they eat them and shred them all over the living room, but they've never messed with books. Also, they usually only ate stuff that was on the coffee table, not the end tables. I was gone for less than an hour on Monday, picking Josh up from the airport. In that time, the little f'ers managed to tear up the hard cover and shred the insides to little bits. They sure taught us.
How do you live with two neurotic dogs? Give 'em back and buy a guinea pig.


Anonymous lorelle said...

I thought "irony" was being hit in the head by a stuffed duck after someone just yelled "duck!". Or is that more of a quandary?

2:15 PM  

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