Saturday, November 26, 2005

Brownie and Bitchy

So, we were thinking Maggie was lonely. We thought she would enjoy a friend. We thought she would like to have someone around for when we left for work. We were FOOLS!

We found Brownie on When we first found him, another family was looking at him so we didn't really get a chance to meet him. Instead, we met Willie, a very cute but hyper dog that Maggie yelled at within 30 minutes of meeting. I couldn't blame her, though. Willie went after her tennis ball. You don't mess with Maggie and her tennis ball. Just ask Ellie.

Josh was in Corydon when the Naughties were supposed to meet. Fairfield was about halfway for us. Maggie was really good the whole way there, but she wanted to sit in my lap most of the time. I should've taken it as a sign that she only wants us, not some other dog. When we got there, a big cute mutt named Fudge stared jumping on me right away. I actually almost hit him coming in. Then he started trying to do the nasty on Maggie. It was pretty annoying, because we were more worried about Fudge violating our little girl than we were seeing how well Mags and Brownie got along.

Brownie is a very sweet pup, and we felt a little bad about his conditions. It looked like he was either going to be very cold or overcrowded. He and Mags got along really well at the time. The only yelling there was occurred between Maggie and some asshole grey cat that was taking paw shots at her. I thought that if we didn't take Brownie, he would have a long, cold, lonely winter.

Brownie peed in Josh's car a few times on the way home. That's actually a little funny, because Josh always brags about how his car is so much better than mine. Well, my car payments $100 bucks less than him every month, and it doesn't have dog pee all over the place. Yet.

They've been getting along so far, but not really enjoying the company. Maggie is looking at us like she hates us, and poor Brownie looks like he misses his friend and the hippie from the shelter. I don't know what we're going to do. I'm crazy about Brownie, but Maggie was our original little girl. If she's not happy, there's no reason for us to have a second dog.


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