Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bitchy bitch

A bunch of people from work went out last night. It was a "welcome to ESP" night for our fabrication manager. That's total bullshit. I didn't get a "welcome to ESP" party when I started. This is the same place that just had cake and a company-wide email that some guy from China was legal to work there. I didn't get cake after my 90-day probationary period. The cake was delicious, though. I had a piece of chocolate with oreo frosting and some fudgy stuff drizzled on it. Oh, and also the place that had people donate to pitch in for wedding gifts for our receptionist who just got married. I'm pretty sure I didn't even get a card from anyone at work when we got married, and I had been there as long as she had been when she got married. Total bullshit. I think last night was just an excuse to get everyone together for happy hour, but still. Total bullshit.

So I was having a perfectly nice converstaion with the new guy when it came out that he was so happy I was cool because he thought I was a major bitch when he started. What? I know I can kinda be a bitch SOMETIMES, but that's only when people deserve it. I don't think I've ever been bitchy to someone I just met unless they're hitting on me or being rude or jackassy or something. He kept going on and on about it, too. Apparently I just sit at my computer looking pissed off all the time. WTF am I supposed to do? Walk around grinning like some kind of moron? Hug him every time he walks through the department?

Maggie is totally snoring on the futon right now. She's ridiculously cute. I'm gonna go spoon her when I'm done.

Anyway, that wasn't the first time that's happened. At some dude's going away party last fall, he told me the same thing. He was all red-faced and wasted, but he kept going on about how surprised he was that I came since everyone said I was aloof and bitchy and too good for everyone that works there. What? If someone keeps to themself like I do most of the time with people I don't know, I usually assume they're just shy, not bitchy and aloof. And the only reason I act like I'm too good for people is because I am.

It was fun either way, but I got stuck paying for WAY too much. Beers were like $1.50, so I said I'd buy a round for a few of us, then one of them ordered J-bombs and I ended up paying for them. Then we lost in foosball so we were supposed to buy another round of shots that went from 4 to like 8. I work with a bunch of fucking freeloaders. I felt bad for the new guy. It was supposedly his party and he probably dropped close to two hundred bucks. Oh, and I slipped on ice and just about bit it. My ankle killed the rest of the night. It didn't help that I was wearing clunky boots with a 2-inch heel. I had to gimp around. It probably would've hurt a lot more if I hadn't been half in the bag.


Anonymous AA said...

Here's a post from a person in the past..I've been keeping up with you guys via your website, then started reading your blog. I laughed this morning because when you moved to Lake Charles we all thought you hated us..remember that? Might go along the same lines as the new guy...just a funny thought from an old friend. Oh--guess I outta tell's me, Amy Adams..aka Amy Giuliano--I got married in September! Glad you guys are doing well. Later....

5:26 AM  
Anonymous lorelle said...

You know, Mol, I thought you were a bitch the first time I met you too. I believe it was because the first thing you ever said to me was to inform me that my newfound boyfriend was in fact "prude". And the second time we talked, you put bits of paper in my hair all during math class. Man, you are a bitch. I thought you were my friend. Guess I'll see you 'round.

12:45 PM  

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