Thursday, October 19, 2006

Month in Review

September was hella busy. Wanna hear about it? Okay!

Labor Day weekend was my class reunion. Yeah, totally didn't go to that. I'll go to the next one. I'm glad I didn't go. It cost twenty bucks for food, and I heard they basically had chicken wings and carrots. AND, it was a cash bar with expensive drinks. F that. I went to Cat Power in Minneapolis instead. Bitch is crazy! I really like her CDs, but she sucks ass live. Well, I should clarify. She's perfectly lovely on the songs that she actually makes it through. For all the others (half?), the audience has to suffer through her breakdowns and insecurities. She totally punked us at the end, too. We all sat through her ramblings about the war, Bush, her uncle Frank, and cigarettes, hoping for another couple songs, but then she just stood up, said thanks, and left. Crazy bitch.
The second weekend, I went to my first ever Iowa State game. Yes, I lived in Ames for nearly 7 years. Yes, I tailgated for many, many games. No, I did not ever attend one of those games. Stop judging. Anyway, I went with a friend from work. We went up Friday night and went to dinner at The Cafe, had a beer at Beaudelaire (Vijay the foot f'er was there. I was wearing boots he probably wanted to make sweet love to), had several more at Quarter Draws, and then went to Cy's. Everyone got kicked out of Lumpy's because the sprinklers inexplicably went off, flooding the place. While we were outside discussing where to go next, some friend of Seth's that I've met once before started asking if we were going to start partying with them the next day at 6:00 in the goddamn morning at nasty-ass Tip Top. When I said no, the bitch smacked me across the face. She actually smacked me. Really hard! The worst part was that when I met her the first time, I really didn't like her and asked Seth if I could punch her to make her go away. He made me promise not to. We didn't put an expiration date on the promise, so I had to take it like a bitch.

The next day was fairly rough. I ate lunch, barely got a Bloody Mary down, and took a nap. The game was fun, but I was still a little hungover and tailgating was nonexistent. We just walked around before we went to the stadium. It was a close game and the weather turned out pretty nice. Afterwards, we went to Dublin Bay for snacks and drinks, but Seth bitched out early.
The following weekend, I went back to Minneapolis for a Tool concert. I've been a Tool fan since high school. Now they can kiss my big white ass. They played a few songs that I really liked, but left out at least six that I like and I heard they normally play at shows. In the middle of the show, they launched into a 30-minute BOREfest. It wasn't even like going to a Dave Matthews show where they "jam" for a half hour, because it was the same crap repeated over and over. Then, those f'ers had the audacity to stop playing and sit down, just soaking in all the cheering of all their devoted fans. I personally sat and pouted. They played a few more songs and left. It was only memorable for its suckiness and the big muscular black guy in the red ballerina skirt that came out and flexed during "Vicarious."

That was also the weekend of the Iowa/ISU game. We watched from a Champp's close to my sister's house. We all ate a lot and drank a lot of beer, so I was planning on a nap before the concert. It didn't happen. I tried, but Joanna guilted me into going to Macy's with her. It turned out to be a good thing, though, because I found a dress for the JDRF gala. Which brings me to...

The last full weekend was the big black tie gala for Juvenile Diabetes. We got involved when Josh fell in love with a five-year-old while filming a commercial for their mall walk for KCRG. The group asked him to emcee the gala and bring his wife, who drank a bunch of wine at a post-party and agreed to be on the committee for the following year. This year we filled a table, so it was fun to actually know people there. I met a guy right below the CEO at Rockwell. My friend from work made a complete ass of herself in front of him, but I like to think that I did okay. Same friend also took me out in the parking lot while trying to hug me to tell me how much she loved me. I'm not one to judge people for drinking too much and falling down (or just falling down sober), but I was all bruised the next day. My thigh landed right on her spiky shoe, which didn't feel all that great. A witness reported seeing a "tangle of legs and girdles."
Now you unnamed individuals bitching about my lack of blogs for a month can understand how busy I was. Get off my back!


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